29 April 2013

From hiatus to hiatus. Why having no direction is fun.

So, I took a ridiculous hiatus from Blog writing last year, and I have recently decided that I needed to get back into it. Most people find my blog to be a waste of time, a way for me to rant, or a place for me to try and get attention. Unfortunately for you, by definition a blog is where an individual records opinions on a regular basis. Now, although I may not write about my opinions daily (and it's probably best), I definitely enjoy my blog. 

Thanks to my over 22,000 visitors - woohoo!

Now that the formalities are out of the way...

I have decided to make a pretty big life change. As all, or most, of you know, I am a Reservist in the Air Force as a Medic stationed at McChord AFB, WA. I have been doing this great job for over 4 years now, and my biggest regret is not going Active Duty right away. However, with that, I have been able to experience some great things, meet some amazing people, and create some awesome memories. While I can't foresee what the future holds, I have had a "fuck it" moment and decided it was time for me to find my happiness. Now, I can't go on an 'Eat, Pray, Love' whirlwind world tour, but I can change some little things. 

Firstly, I quit my job. For my readers, you know that I have not had the best luck with jobs. A few prior posts probably included some connotation of this, but that's old news. For about a year now, I worked for an Advertising Agency where I made great money and have been given some great knowledge and experience. But I felt like something was missing. I never pictured myself sitting behind a desk all day punching away at a keyboard.  I needed a way out. Although everyone in my family thinks I need to get my job back, I can't help but feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. Yeah, I am going to be broke here in a few months.. but why live a life of misery? I had no life. I had no friends. I woke up, drove for over an hour to get to work, sat around behind a computer, drove home for over an hour, and by the time I got home, I was too tired to do anything else. Who wants that? 
Secondly, I decided to transfer bases and go to Travis AFB, CA. I have driven past this base a handful of times, and I even had a cup of coffee there once. Other than that, I know nothing about it. That's the beauty of it. It's a new realm that, although scary, is intriguing because it's a new adventure. The bible says many times, "do not be afraid." In fact, this phrase is written 365 times - once for each day. So my friends, I will not be afraid.
Finally, I'm moving. I know what a lot of people are thinking. "Geez, she moves so much." or "again?!" and my favorite, "what are you going to do with yourself?" Well, to be honest, I have not thought this one through. Going back to my previous "fuck it" statement, I have been doing a lot of thinking. Why do I need to figure everything out? Why must there need to be plans for plans? It makes no sense to me. 
I have lived a calendared, post-it noted, file foldered life.
I don't need a sticky note to tell me anything anymore. I don't need to file away copies of copies of things chronologically and alphabetically. I don't need to go to lunch right at noon. Frankly, I don't give a damn about conformity anymore. It's my life. It's my mistakes. Mostly, it's my experiences. I know that financially, it is definitely not smart, but what if this is the opportunity I have been waiting for? 
There are so many people who don't get the opportunity to just go and do things. I never want to be that person who is trapped, stuck, and has no room to fly. What is so hard to understand that it's ok to have no idea what you are doing- but just going out and doing something. 

My life has consisted of pleasing everyone else and always feeling like no matter what, I was never enough. But- I will still march to the beat of my own drum. 

When my family asks me, "what are you even thinking? What on Earth are you doing?" Well, everything
I will never have my life figured out. It's no fun that way. 


20 December 2012

Deactivated Facebook and some Cupcakes

So, I got rid of my Facebook and decided to go back to blogging. Facebook started to get a little out of control, and it was time to get things back to the basics.

I decided to keep my Instagram though, even though they changed all the privacy settings. I am sure they are going to be using my photos of coffee cups and my traffic updates seeing as they are so artistic with those fancy filters of theirs.

With the new year quickly approaching, I have decided that I needed to really get back to doing things that make me happy. Once I find my camera battery charger, I am going to get back into taking some pictures of the greatness Washington offers, and my first project is Engagement photos for my sister. I can't believe my baby sister got married!

The other day, I decided to make some cupcakes and go back to my roots! I made from scratch Chocolate Caramel cupcakes with a Peanut Butter Buttercream frosting!

I saw this thing on Pinterest, of course, that said how to make our cupcakes rise more. There have been times where I have made cupcakes and they just didn't seem to rise very well. I set the oven for 350 to preheat, then once the cupcakes were in the oven I lowered the temp to 325. Look how well they rose! Instead of cutting out the centers and filling them with caramel, I took the lazy way and put a Rolo inside... but next time I will make sure that I don't put them in too early... it sunk to the bottom.
I brought them to work because quite frankly, they are delicious... and only a few have been eaten! What the heck!

Tomorrow, I have a promotional video shoot for the company I work for. We have this gorgeous new space that has been completely renovated and we are doing some promotional work for the website. It's a little exciting when I get to get full hair and makeup done, but not exciting when I have no idea what to wear and I hate being interviewed! Hopefully I look better on this than I did on Wheel of Fortune... speaking of! It's pretty awkward when you are working out and look up on the TV and see yourself.. Luckily the volume was down, but what was I thinking with that hair and unfflattering top? Oh well.

Thanks to theCHIVE, I got my own spread as Chivette of the Week! That was pretty awesome! I decided to keep it classy and didn't want to slut it up like half the other girls on there. With the good comes the bad though, but luckily I have received a lot of nice compliments from it. A few, "she's fat" and "she must be a whore" comments, but that is a given. At first, I took it pretty hard and I was upset with those hurtful words, but then I realized that I kept myself not only clothed, but represented in a way that would not make me shameful or disgraceful to the military. Which- thanks everyone for the awesome comments!

For the jerks out there, haters gonna hate.

This weekend is the Seahawk-49er game! Can you believe the high scoring games lately!? Let's hope the Hawks stomp the 9ers! Oh wow, did I just say that? Sorry-- my hometown team vs my current home team... Well, I would LOVE to see the Hawks win it! I am so stoked too I get to represent the Military and hold the flag on the field! 'merica! I will be sure to take some pictures and post them seeing as Facebook is no more :)

Thanks to all my Chive supporters and followers, and a big thank you to all the service men and women who are overseas this year who can't spend it with their families.

See yaaa

Oh yeah! I went back dark! What do you think?


18 September 2012

What's New?

Happy Tuesday, amigos!
So, a lot has been going on lately. Let's begin. First of all... just to clear the air. I have found out some things about my ex that has made his death much easier to handle. Apparently, he had another girlfriend as well. Ouch? Yes, ouch. Some people have mocked me and said that I am crazy, but really.. put yourself in my shoes. If you had no idea there was someone else, you would act like any normal person would if your significant other passed away. However, I am just a normal person who was fed lie after lie. Do I feel like a fool? Completely. Has it made me never want to date again? Absolutely. Unfortunately, it is a hard pill to swallow, but in the end, it will all be ok. Life does go on!
Off to fight the good fight with my M16
In other news.. Recently, I came back from a Military exercise. It was so much fun! We got to play in a simulated war! The first few days, we brushed up on last minute "deployment" items, and then we headed off to the middle of nowhere via C17 to play in the CASF (Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility). We had our chemical gear and helmets, and I was part of the PAR (Post Attack Recon) team. This job means that I go out along with a buddy after an attack to check for UXO's (Unexploded Ordnance) and other potentially threatening devices. Every exercise or training something we have going on I always get tasked for this job. Either I must be good at it, or people want me to be the first one blown up! Ha!
If anyone has experienced Chem Gear, you know how god awful hot it is, how heavy it is, and how much of a pain it is to go to the bathroom. Battle thong anyone? We were in MOPP 2 the entire time, and MOPP 4 for over 6 hours two consecutive nights! MOPP 4 is your chem pants, jacket, chem boots, gloves, glove inserts, and gas mask. Not to mention a helmet as well, a weapon, and sweat dripping down every inch of you. Needless to say, we all looked so good once the masks came off. Haha..
We worked 12 hour shifts, which made my sleep schedule so off. Not only was the time difference a challenge, but so was the 6p-6a shift. Off course, once you get used to it, you have to get back on the plane to come home. After being up for 41 hours, going through the Persco and redeploying, we all had to get mandatory flu mist. UGH. The past few days I have been quite snotty and congested, and feeling like crap. Ick. All in all though, it was such a fun time. Now the real fun begins when we get our inspection by the IG in a few weeks. It's pretty much the same thing as I just got back from, but it's the actual inspection to check our readiness and capabilities, not to mention it's longer.
I am happy to report that I am not dating anyone and I am focusing on myself and what my next adventure is going to be. Once the inspection in October is over, I am hoping to focus more on finishing my education and taking short trips to see different places and experience new things.
My inbox has been flooded with messages from people who found me on theCHIVE, and I wanted to say thanks for all the kind words! (Boo to some of the haters, jerks) but for the most part, thank you! John, the owner, has even asked me to be COTW! Yay! I am stoked! 
Now that I have more closure from the whole other girlfriend thing, I feel like I can move on and close that chapter. I found out that I was forbidden to go to his memorial service in order to keep myself and the other girl away from each other. I have no idea who she is, and I would not even try to cause a problem. I doubt she knew or knows who I am as well, but in all reality, both of us were lied to and I can't be mad at her for that. I send her my condolences as well, and now it's time for me to move on.
Work has been busy since getting back. I have tons to catch up on, and even more to do when I get home at night. Currently, I am studying for Airman Leadership School in hopes of getting promoted to Staff Sergeant here in the next few weeks. It's all computer based now, which makes studying a little more difficult for me, but from what I have heard, the test isn't too hard. It's just a matter of actually finding the time to study and get it out of the way.
My little sister got married! I am so excited for her and her new adventure ahead. Currently, her husband is deployed and upon his return, the big wedding will happen! We were talking about her wedding and it's fun to get to help her plan it and send her over ideas. I am sure that it will be spectacular, and I am so happy to be a part of it. Not only my sister, but one of my best girl friends is getting married too! She is going wedding dress shopping this weekend, and I wish so badly I was back home with her. There are so many great things to look forward to next year! Let's put this crappy year behind us, and make next year a brand new beginning.
I should get going now. But thanks for the nice comments and words from everyone. My blog has 13k viewers, which is incredible! Again, thanks!

Have a great day everyone. Stay away from drama, don't be a child, and stay classy.

30 August 2012


good evening all.
well this one is going to be quick seeing as its almost 11 and i have to be up at 5...
since Ty's passing, a lot has been hard. there are times i feel guilty about what i didnt do or say, and times when i feel better than i deserve. i learned so much from him, and i wanted to share some insight. I learned that life is short. keep the ones you love close to your heart. be honest not only with others, but with yourself and dont be afraid to tell someone how you feel. and mostly, cherish the life you have.
If you read any of my previous posts, you knew Mr J and i had been together. him and i have split up, but remain friends. i have since moved out several months ago into a nice apartment, and i live my life day by day. obviously, people wonder where Ty came from and how he fits in. well, he came right when i felt like i had nothingleft to give anyone and when i lost faith.
the rest is history.
what else is new... um. nothing really. my sister is headed down the aisle of wedded bliss! but i cant help but be a little jealous!
man, its so hard typing on my itty bitty phone screen. lol
oh yeah, i was featured om thechive.com today!
not much else to report. keep your loved ones close.
sleep well amigos

22 August 2012


On Monday, at 1120pm, I lost the greatest love of my life. Ty Cameron Barnes was the guy who everyone loved so much, the guy who no person ever had ill will toward. When Ty and I met, it was love at first site. We knew within a matter of minutes that we wanted to be together and spend an eternity together. We would have Skype dates and text and chat for hours on end about the places we wanted to go, the adventures we wanted to have, and the life of being married to one another.
One of my favorite Skype dates was when he was just looking at me and smiling and then buried his head in his pillow, and said ” gosh I can’t wait to be with you.” The next day, we were in each others arms and neither one of us wanted to let go. When he would kiss me, nothing else mattered around me.
We talked for hours about what we want in life and the dreams we had. He said, “I was put on this Earth to be a daddy, and you were meant to be my kids mommy.” We bantered back and forth playfully about baby names, and never came to an agreement. You even said you wanted our kids to have my eyes and your “awesome hair.” We talked about getting married and how he couldn’t wait to see me be Kayla Barnes.
I loved how perfectly our hands fit in one another’s and how when he would walk behind me he would proudly announce to everyone he was checking out my ass. haha
Ty, our time together was short. But you are and will forever be the one who stole my heart. You knew I was never good with my feelings, and I was too scared to commit. But I wish nothing in the world more than for you to look down and see the love and pain I feel for you. When you said, “babe just give us a chance to make the life we planned.” I should have just said yes, instead of be scared. When you said,
baby why won’t you let me love you?” I had no words because I already knew I loved you back.
No one knows when their time is up here on this Earth, but the Lord took you from me too soon. I need you. As much as I know you are in a better place, there is no denying I will miss every little thing about you. I’m sorry I never told you how I felt. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be your wife or the mother to your kids. I’m sorry that I was scared and afraid.
I don’t think there are any words that I have that can make this any better. Only time is there to heal the wounds. My tears will dry, but the pain and emptiness I feel in my heart will forever remain. There are no longer any what if’s, but baby just know we will meet again. Rock the shit out of those drums in heaven babe, I will see you in my dreams.
“And when his lips met mine, I knew that I could live to be a hundred and visit every country in the world, but nothing would ever compare to that single moment when I first kissed the man of my dreams and knew that my love would last forever.”

Read more here: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/crime/2012/08/21/jblm-man-dies-in-gig-harbor-motorcycle-crash/#comment-183219#storylink=cpy

13 June 2012

Skull Fractures and Stenosis. Days 2 & 3

Welcome to days 2 and 3. Yesterday seemed like the day was cut short, so I apologize I didn't update you on my day! Yesterday, I had two labs I attended for 4 hours each! The first lab I was in was Trauma Care. This class was full of all kinds of new techniques, but also full over things I already knew. We learned about burns and how to calculate morality rate of burn patients. Also, we learned about suction VACs. These create negative pressure to stimulate granulation to help the wound heal from the inside, out. In this lab, we also studied TBIs and concussions. Research has improved greatly, and we are now able to make 3D models of the skull for military members who have head trauma. It's super cool.
The rest of the day we went to the Essentials lab. Here we went over medical and trauma assessments, how to triage patients properly, applying splints, bivalve, and removing casts, external fixators and pin care, and sutures and minor lacerations. ---> These are piggy feet. They are soaked in mouth wash so they don't smell bad, that's why they are blue FYI. I learned how to suture when I worked at Madigan with the Army. It has been so long since I have sutured anything, but it was so cool to be the only one in the class who has performed live sutures on patients! I am in a class of 2 Majors, 1 Colonel, and 1 Senior. It was pretty flattering when I was asked to demonstrate and teach everyone my technique! My group is pretty cool. We have all become good classmates and have a lot of fun with each other. 
That was the end of the first full day of training. Today, Wednesday, is my mom's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA! Ok, so besides that, I had 2 great classes. First off this morning, we were greeted in the IV Lab by the nicest nurse ever! She is a Lt Col, and has been a nurse for over 17 years. She was super fun and I think I learned the most from her so far this whole trip. We touched briefly on calculating, preparing, and administering medications, initiating and regulating, monitoring, and discontinuing peripheral intravenous therapy. I learned about IO's, which I had no idea what it was. Basically, if you are in a life or death situation and you need to get fluids in the patient ASAP, you can drill an IO and administer fluids that way. After that class, we had lunch and Jenn and I stayed behind to watch this movie called "Taking Chances." It's got Kevin Bacon in it, and it's super sad, but it's actually a pretty decent flick. After lunch, I attended the Cardiac class. We learned the stresses of flight, like G-Force, barometric pressure, and fatigue. It got so confusing though, listening to different sounds and determining what the problem could be. I learned about Myocardial Infarctions, Ventricular Septal Defect, systolic heart failure, and pulmonary stenosis. Just trying to read the different heart rhythms got me all kinds of confused. 
Overall, it has been a great class and I am so glad I am here! I love learning about this stuff and just refreshing on everything. I must admit, the heat is awesome and I miss the humidity here, I love hearing the planes fly around and the sounds of the engines. So lame, I know, but I love it! 
Here is a funny video for everyone :)

Have a great night, happy birthday mom!

11 June 2012

San Antonio- STARS dia uno

Hello hello. I am off for another adventure!

I left for HOT Texas yesterday, and it was not sad kissing the gray and rain away. I traded in my rain boots for combat boots and I am back in action.
The airport started out hectic and crazy, and it took me over an HOUR just to get my bags checked. For all the kiosks open at the counter, they only had one attendant working. You really don't understand how rude society has become until you are next to people at the airport. I started to get mad because there was a girl by me with her mom and boyfriend and her mom was SO annoying. Then, the chick demands she get something for free because she is in the Navy. I snuck a peek at her ID, and she is an E-2. She has yet to put in the time to be demanding ANYTHING! Once I finally got my luggage squared away. I was able to pass up security and go into a new TSA screening line. It's called Pre-TSA. If you haven't heard of it, you should Google it. Once I passed by everyone, including that Navy girl, it was smooth sailing.
I finally broke down and bought "Fifty Shades of Grey" because I have heard nothing but awesomeness about it. I am about 100 pages into it and it is quite the interesting story. ----> here is Rainier. A totally awesome view. All the mountains were out, so I got to see Helens, Baker, Hood, and Rainier unobstructed. It was so pretty! It's funny how chastised you get for pulling out your phone on a plane to take a picture. I now know how Alec Baldwin felt while playing Words with Friends!
Next stop, San Antonio! After a brief layover in Houston, my friend and travel companion Jenn and I jetted off south, back to Lackland. I came here a few years ago, and I was down this way last October in preps for my deployment, but it was not nearly as warm as it is now!
Being back here brings back so many memories. It's fun to watch the kids going through boot camp. It brings me back to it all over again. I may or may not have mentioned it before, but I really loved boot camp. It was a fun experience. Granted, it sucked for the most part because you are sleep deprived, hungry, and hot, but I made some incredible memories and some met a lot of great people. When I went to boot camp it was March until June, so this heat was in full swing when I was here before too!
Moving along...I love the weather here. I am a wet heat kind of person. I enjoy dry heat as well, but I like humidity. Today was the first day of class. I am participating in STARS, formerly known as TOP STARS. This course is designed to refresh training, learn new tactics, and develop further into our career fields. I am one of the lowest ranking individuals in the class, which is ok, but it sure is intimidating! Hopefully, I can put on rank by the end of this year. I feel like I have been an E-4 forever! Today, we went over Enroute care, SABC (Self Aid Buddy Care), and Medication Administration.
In the Enroute Care section, we learned about different aircraft and the differences between space available for litters and patients on KC-130 and C-17's. We also learned our 9-line MedEvac requests, different staging facilities, and the differences between urgent, priority, and convenience patients.
The SABC section was my favorite. I am in charge of the Self Aid Buddy Care of my unit, so it was neat to take some bits and pieces from the different teachings and techniques used by the instructor. In this class, we learned about the iFAK, also known as the 'individual first aid kit.' These are kits with pertinent components to ensure you have basic supplies to help you, or your comrades, in case of emergency. This is by far my favorite area or medical care because it keeps you on your toes. When you are out in the middle of nowhere taking on fire and someone gets hurt, you don't really have a whole lot of supplies readily available. It's all about improvising now. Filling boots with sand and stabilizing a neck, using a belt as a tourniquet, even using your uniform and sticks to create splints for broken limbs.
 I love it!
Oh yeah, this is hoopty <-- our sweet ass Nissan Versa. Complete with manual door locks and hand crank windows. Woot!
Medication Administration has never been my strong point, and I never claim to it being either! We briefly touched on pharmacological calculations, but it can get so confusing, especially when you have to calculate the amount of drips you need per hour using a certain medication that is a certain size, but you have to convert it to another measurement. Luckily, I was able to understand it pretty well once I did a few problems, but let's just say I will not be majoring in Computational Pharmacology.
This evening served to be quite the adventure! After relaxing a little and doing our homework, Jenn and I decided to go find something to eat for dinner. I have to admit, Urban Spoon really let me down on this one! Normally, I hit 'nearby' and a ton of awesome restaurants pop up. Not this time. We spent literally an HOUR driving around San Antonio looking for something to eat. Sadly, we ended up back on base... eating pizza at the BX. What a shame. It was delicious and filling, but an hour... oy.
Well, from what I gather, the class is going to be pretty fun. The weather is great, an I am with a good friend.
Well, I hope I haven't bored you all with my rambling.
See you soon!

22 May 2012

A 550i and Wheel of Fortune

Hello and good morning all.
After a break from blogging, some drama, a new car, and Wheel coming up, things have been very busy.
Work is going very well. I am learning a ton and boosting my industry lingo to the max. The biggest poo factor of it all is the commute, but I have learned which way to go and what time I have to leave by to avoid the brunt of it all. It makes for long days, but it's nice having a set schedule and weekends again! Luckily, the weekends have been fairly nice here the past couple of weeks, so it's been nice spending time in the sunshine.
Leaving my old job at a giant retailer has made life a lot less stressful. I know how much I will get paid, when I will work, and I am able to troubleshoot and solve problems, work with people, and actually learn new things every day.
With my new job, I was able to purchase a new vehicle! I got rid of the Jeep, which come to find out, had been in a major accident where the airbags had deployed prior to me buying it. I was so angry! But they paid off the Jeep and I got this beautiful beast. A BMW 550I. She's got all the bells and whistles, super comfortable, spacious, and super fast. Of course, I am a freak when it comes to fuel consumption, so I take it nice and easy majority of the time! Unfortunately, I know this baby will be let loose when I leave for Texas in a few weeks...Eek! 
In other news, my episode of Wheel of Fortune airs 

Watch the episode to see how bad, or good, I did! It's flattering to see my mug as the main picture for the contestant videos. ha! Click HERE to check out the contestant videos! We had to do a few takes when it came to this. I had no idea what to even say when they asked me these questions. My biggest fear is looking  fat... which in some pictures, I do! But I don't sound half as dumb as I thought I would! Tomorrow night I have been forced into watching the episode with family and friends. How embarrassing! It was such a fun experience. If you read my previous blog, you will notice I was upset at my performance, but now that I think about it, I had a good time. Hopefully I will get a sweet TV gig out of it..haha. Wishful thinking! (Sorry AE!)
I have this silly humor that I read every day to keep me from going insane, and this is my funny for the day :)
I love Robert Downey Jr. This picture makes me laugh. Almost a 'lol'. Maybe even a 'rofl'. 
Well, I am done now. 
Watch Wheel and stay classy.

04 May 2012

Week one, Done.

Well howdy there. Today marks the completion of my first week at my new job. I thankfully left my former employer and started working as an Affiliate Manager at a Software Development company. It sounds so fancy and technical. Definitely much more sophisticated than "retail." The week has gone very well, and I have a lot to learn. The only kind of, poop part, is the commute. It's very hit and miss, but I am starting to learn which ways to go and which ways to avoid.
Other than the traffic, I am so excited to get my hands in everything and learn it all. I have been doing some simple administrative things right now and organizing clients, and then next week I will start getting into contracts and learning more! :)
Tomorrow I head off to McChord for my military duties. It'll be my first time back since January. I am excited to go back and from what I am told, I will be moving sections and I will be in Deployment Readiness. Yay!
It's really incredible how things can change so fast. If someone had told me a few years ago that by the time I was 23 I would be dating someone with a kid and I would be settled down I would have laughed. I am a self-proclaimed gypsy, and I like to move around and do different things and see new places. But look at me now. Unbelievable!
The new house is going well. There are some things that I really would like to get, and here they are!

I would LOVE this bedroom set. Right now, we don't have anything that matches, no headboard, and pretty much-- the room lacks character and comfort. Once I have some more money saved up, this is the first thing I want to get. I love the upholstered headboard and the low foot board. It just looks so cozy and inviting. Way better than what we have goin on now...

Right now, in the spare bedroom, there is a bed and dresser only. With my new job, I would like to double the space and utilize some of it as an office. Pottery Barn is my weakness, but I am sure I can find something comparable for a lesser price. Plus, it would just be nice to have somewhere to keep the printer and keep all the mail and bills organized. Si.

So, we decided to keep my couches, but I think we both agree this would be better. There is more seating room, and its totally cozy looking. Right now, my couches are that light tan microfiber with brown leather, and with a 3 year old and a black Lab, the couches are subject to destruction. Luckily, the living room of the new place is huge, and this would fit nicely in the space. This would be perfect for our Wheel watching party!...Maybe I will have to switch the bedroom set with this couch and get the couch first...hmmm

They are definitely large purchases, so nothing will happen right away, but I am glad now that these options are feasible and attainable.
Let's see, what else is going on? Not a whole bunch. Work is keeping me busy, and I am thinking about trying to go to school. I think just taking one class for now, online, and then my last class is the way to do it. It'll make things even more busy, but I know this is what I need to do to finish out my AA. Pathetic, I know, I should be finished with my Bachelor's, but sometimes life just gets in the way.
My best friend, Cameron, is having a baby girl :)
She is due today, but if she doesn't come, then Cam will be induced on Monday! I am so excited to be an auntie again. I just wish I could be down in CA to be with her through this.
The best, and potentially worst, part of working in West Seattle is the food and shops. There are 2 cupcakeries by me and tons of fabulous food. I just have to keep my sweet tooth at bay best I can!

Well, I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend ahead and has a nice time with friends and family. Back to work I go!


26 April 2012

Sorry it's been a while...

Well hello friends, family and visitors!
I haven't really written a new blog since my pity party after Wheel of Fortune. Well, good news. I am no longer pouting and I am out of my hermit shell. Since Wheel, not much has really gone on. PSYCHE! Everyday is a new journey, duh! How freaky deaky is this, so most every day, Mr J sends me my horoscope. Typically I read them and think, "hmm, oh Leo..." But recently, the best 'scopes have been sent. A few days ago, Mr J sent me one saying something like, "Leo, you are worried about finances and blah blah blah, just wait, something good is coming. When the opportunity arises, take it." I shrugged it off, thinking maybe my Wheel check will show up 5 months early, or I will win some lottery. Around 8:30p, I get a text from my Aunt Ellen. She sends me this link to a job post and asks me to read it and see if it's something I would like and not to worry because she had connections. I read it and show Mr J and he agreed, it's the perfect job for me. I text back, long story short-- Sign me up. Tuesday rolls around and I meet up for comida with AE (Aunt Ellen) and we catch up, shoot the breeze, and discuss the fab opportunity. Oh, hello! It's my cousin's company, and I get to go work for him! How exciting! Him and I met over coffee, I know, it's sooo Seattle... and he said the job is there if I want it. Sold, I am there!
Today is the day I am putting in my 2 week notice at my job. I think to myself, although they have not been the nicest people to me, and it's definitely not been the most pleasant place to be employed, I professionally owe them 2 weeks. Who knows what will happen, they could just let me go here and now, which I am hoping they do, or they could keep me on for the remainder of my employment. Either way, SAYONARA!
I left for therapy midway through finishing this blog, and I got a lot accomplished while I was out. After massage therapy, I went down to T-Town to put in my resignation. I wanted to keep it formal and quiet without  a huge hullabaloo. The girl in HR is so nice, and I filled out the proper paperwork, put in my last date of work, and that was that. I am a free woman! It's rather sad how miserable people are there. The company, whom shall remain anonymous but I am sure everyone knows where it is, was not the best place, as aforementioned, but the opportunity I have been given is much greater than working on-call with no schedule. Instead of my fridge calendar looking a muck, I have consistent hours, consistent schedule, and a steady income. What a sigh of relief.

Well, let's see, what else has been going on?

The air date for Wheel has officially changed. 
The episode I participated in will air 23 MAY instead. 
Stay tuned and watch it! 

My parents came over for a fabulous meal! I made my famous turkey burgers with fiesta ranch, and might I say, they were fabulous. We got to showcase our awesome 3D TV, and my dad was watching Deadliest Catch and was acting like a kid. haha it was so awesome to see him get to excited! He told us about what he used to do for DEA and when he worked in Alaska and Florida and it was so cool to hear those stories. I am almost 25 years old and haven't heard stories like that, so it was cool! Also, PLEASE look for this man's mug on the side of Gordon Trucking trailers in the Western US! He tends to be very modest and doesn't want people to know these things, but now I have officially put him and his accomplishments on blast. WAY TO GO DADDY!

He's very "google-able"

Let's see... what else...
Mr J took me to the tulip festival as well. It was so lame for him, but A+ for his efforts to do something totally lame for me! I loved the colors and the assortment, but I must stand on my soap box for just a moment. Mr J and I are walking through the fields and fields of tulips, and I am taking pictures, doing my thing. Well, I wanted a picture of both of us with the tulips as the background... sigh. I asked a man to take our picture, keep in mind, we have taken pictures for other people, and he says NO, NO NO and shakes his head and walks away. Um, what? After numerous expletives pouring out of our mouths like vomit, we left. It really put a huge damper on the day. Everyone was just very rude and unmindful  and it really soured me. Luckily, we could laugh about it later on through the day.

The photos are uploaded and updated in the SONY SHOTS page of my blog!

That is what has been going on. Stay tuned, I will be sure to write some fabulous things more often when I get back into to groove of things! See you later!